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We sure do love our fans and think they’re something special…and even better – we’re not the only ones!  🙂  Here are a few photos and kind words from some fans of our fans…

Craig - Tangerine Fan

Nickel Amore - Tangerine Blade


The fan looks, and works great. The blade color, combined with the wall color, match well with our accent floor tile.

Thanks again for all of your help. I’ve been very impressed by how friendly everyone in your entire company/family has been.

You rarely see such customer service, and it’s so different from the typical treatment we’ve received, it’s a bit of a shock.  

~Craig, Los Angeles

Alissa - Parkview

Photo taken by Carie Camacho


“Our lovely fan is just that, lovely and fabulous!
Thanks for all of the assistance and the rush.”

-Alissa, Portland, OR









We received this lovely note from some customers  in Seattle who chose the colors of their fan based upon their vintage bathroom tiles (Vintage Pink, Vintage Green, & Polished Nickel).
It was a stunning piece and we can’t wait to post the photos when we receive them.

Dear Nicole and John – We had our fan installed yesterday and can’t
believe how enthusiastic one can be about a bathroom appliance.  It is
absolutely beautiful – we and Mario and Sal (the installer) were all
grinning and oh-my-godding at what a piece of art it is.  It looks so
incredibly perfect with the vintage tiles in the bathroom.  And, on
top of everything, it works like a dream.  It’s really strong and
quiet.  It was amazing to not see steam, moisture and drips post-
shower for the first time!  We will be painting soon and then will
get a photo.  This is such an amazing option for people who love the old in
their old homes.  Please count on us for testimonials.
Thanks so much,
Doria and Ron Reagan, Seattle, WA

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Pink Parkview

Pink Parkview

Pink bathrooms, pink kitchens…they  definitely have their place!  We have been pleasantly surprised by the attention this color is getting and wanted to give “her” a special post.

Custom Almond Parkview

Custom Almond Parkview

As you can tell by recent photos, “The Parkview” is a real favorite!
The owner’s of this second fan are in the midst of a kitchen restoration and wanted the outside border to match their trimwork.  They sent us a color chip and we matched it to an Almond custom powder coating color.
This photo shows a new blade that will be coming out around the same time as the ceiling fans, in the fall.  The center circle and the blade are a brushed aluminum.  It’s really a beauty – clean and classic.  We will post photos of their kitchen remodel when they are done!

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