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Caren U

A customer of ours has a blog about her Bungalow Remodel, here in Portland, Oregon.  It is an incredible resource for anyone who is thinking about, dreaming about, or just plain interested in the respectful remodel of a classic Bungalow.  Here is her Blog

And here is what she kindly says about us in one of her entries:  
of the Laurelhurst Fan Company dropped by the exhaust cover. It is a thing of beauty! I am so glad I splurged on it. Because of existing constraints, the exhaust fan for the bath was placed on an interior wall. The fan was then vented through an exterior wall and under the back deck to obscure the exterior vent cover from view. But on the inside, I could not bear the idea of staring at a 14″ white plastic square vent cover every time I entered the bathroom, so I searched for something more vintage-looking and discovered the Laurelhurst Fan Company located right here in Portland, Oregon. Who thought something so mundane could be so gorgeous? I thoroughly enjoyed working with Johnny and Nicole and can’t wait to have the grille put up.”

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We sure do love our fans and think they’re something special…and even better – we’re not the only ones!  🙂  Here are a few photos and kind words from some fans of our fans…

Craig - Tangerine Fan

Nickel Amore - Tangerine Blade


The fan looks, and works great. The blade color, combined with the wall color, match well with our accent floor tile.

Thanks again for all of your help. I’ve been very impressed by how friendly everyone in your entire company/family has been.

You rarely see such customer service, and it’s so different from the typical treatment we’ve received, it’s a bit of a shock.  

~Craig, Los Angeles

Alissa - Parkview

Photo taken by Carie Camacho


“Our lovely fan is just that, lovely and fabulous!
Thanks for all of the assistance and the rush.”

-Alissa, Portland, OR









We received this lovely note from some customers  in Seattle who chose the colors of their fan based upon their vintage bathroom tiles (Vintage Pink, Vintage Green, & Polished Nickel).
It was a stunning piece and we can’t wait to post the photos when we receive them.

Dear Nicole and John – We had our fan installed yesterday and can’t
believe how enthusiastic one can be about a bathroom appliance.  It is
absolutely beautiful – we and Mario and Sal (the installer) were all
grinning and oh-my-godding at what a piece of art it is.  It looks so
incredibly perfect with the vintage tiles in the bathroom.  And, on
top of everything, it works like a dream.  It’s really strong and
quiet.  It was amazing to not see steam, moisture and drips post-
shower for the first time!  We will be painting soon and then will
get a photo.  This is such an amazing option for people who love the old in
their old homes.  Please count on us for testimonials.
Thanks so much,
Doria and Ron Reagan, Seattle, WA

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boothA big “Thank You” to all of you who attended The Architectural Heritage Center’s 3rd Annual Old House Fair!  Great vendors, great seminars, and GREAT attendees; it was a pleasure meeting all of you!
We really enjoyed hearing all of your fantastic vintage fan stories!  Please do send us photos  – we’ll be sure to post them for all to enjoy.
It was a wonderful day to support our local heritage center, businesses, and talk about “Old Stuff”!  We look forward to following up with you about your exhaust fan needs.

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OLDHOUSEFAIRTENT_150I just got back from the Architectural Heritage Center’s vendor meeting for the Old House Fair that I mentioned in the last post; it’s going to be a really fantastic event!
Home Depot has generously donated free hot dogs and pop to attendees and I heard many companies divulge their great raffle prizes; we are donating a grille of your choice. It’s going to be a relaxed atmosphere (free of sales pitches), with short programs if you so choose, products, and a wealth of information.
Essentially, it’ll be a great day of chatting with other old home enthusiasts, over a hot dog…and we’ll let you know if you have any ketchup on your face. 😉

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OHF Flyer

Come join us at the Architectural Heritage Center’s 3rd Annual Old House Fair!  There will be a lot to see and talk about…including raffle tickets, coupons, and admission is FREE!
We’ll have a booth full of fans and grilles…and would love to hear about what your needs are, what you are looking for, and how we can help.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
-Johnny & Nicole

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