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Caren U

A customer of ours has a blog about her Bungalow Remodel, here in Portland, Oregon.  It is an incredible resource for anyone who is thinking about, dreaming about, or just plain interested in the respectful remodel of a classic Bungalow.  Here is her Blog

And here is what she kindly says about us in one of her entries:  
of the Laurelhurst Fan Company dropped by the exhaust cover. It is a thing of beauty! I am so glad I splurged on it. Because of existing constraints, the exhaust fan for the bath was placed on an interior wall. The fan was then vented through an exterior wall and under the back deck to obscure the exterior vent cover from view. But on the inside, I could not bear the idea of staring at a 14″ white plastic square vent cover every time I entered the bathroom, so I searched for something more vintage-looking and discovered the Laurelhurst Fan Company located right here in Portland, Oregon. Who thought something so mundane could be so gorgeous? I thoroughly enjoyed working with Johnny and Nicole and can’t wait to have the grille put up.”

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It all started with a phone call.  A client had an existing fan that they were happy with – but a fan cover they were not.
They purchased a brass grille to tie in with the brass feet on their clawfoot tub.
The only issue remaining was how to cover up the existing wiring and unfinished drywall that would still be visible through the brass grille.
Excited by the challenge, that is when we started offering custom faceplates, which can be plated or powder coated just like all of our other components.
(For a better visual, go to our Fanatomy101 diagram and scroll over “Housing Face”. )
The client measured the opening of their fan hole and we made a custom faceplate to their specified dimensions, which in this case was a square.
On the left: our standard faceplate for our fans.  On the right: a client’s custom faceplate.
2 Faceplace SizesHere is our standard faceplate behind an Amore Grille:
Amore with standard diameter faceplaceAnd a custom square faceplate behind an Amore Grille:
Amore with Custom Square FaceplaceThis is a great option for those of you who, like we mentioned, have an existing fan that you would like to keep – or a ventilation hole of some sort – but want to have something aesthetically fitting to your room.   Click here for grille designs, sizing, color and plating options.

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