Parkview Grille

Parkview Grille

Parkview Grille in Chrome

Parkview Grille in Chrome

Some clients of ours kindly sent some photos of their all chromed Parkview Grille that they installed over an existing fan in their kitchen (there is another photo in the post below).

Their fan was sufficient enough – but their grille was not.  They found us and we were able to make a custom faceplate that fits right behind the grille they wanted, with the exact dimensions of their current fan opening.

If you have an existing fan or air duct that you would like to cover with a Laurelhurst Grille, custom faceplates allow you to hide  unsightly things like wiring or unfinished drywall.

This is another example of how YOU have helped us find answers for other peoples’ ventilation dilemmas!  We didn’t start out selling custom faceplates – but after talking to so many of you about your needs – we’re delighted that this solves many of them!  We will be posting more about custom faceplates very soon.



We have received an overwhelming amount of requests for a ceiling mounted exhaust fan, in addition to the through-wall fans we currently offer.
Connie, a fellow reader, made a comment that sounds very familiar: “I would love to see you have a bathroom fan for the ceiling. They are plenty ugly out there !! Thanks, Connie.”

…And so, we are thrilled to make this post and let you know that our ceiling mounted exhaust fans are set to be ready for you this fall!

If you are indeed looking to purchase a Laurelhurst Ceiling Model Exhaust Fan…and we do not have your information already…please visit our Website Home Page where you will find the “Reservation List” information, under “Fan News” in the left column.

If you have any questions – please always feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a phone call at 971-570-3131.

We look forward to creating the beautiful fans that will grace your ceilings.
Johnny and Nicole

Just wanted to thank the good folks down at American Bungalow for their write-up about us in the “New & Noteworthy” section of the ’09 Summer issue!
Johnny had the pleasure of meeting the staff a few months back.
We all know their magazine is a Class Act…turns out the people behind it are too.

“Putting on Airs”


Thank you to Arts and Crafts Homes for their mention about us on their website!

Putting on Airs

This colorful through-wall exhaust fan comes with an aluminum grille finished in your choice of powdercoated colors or plated metals like nickel and chrome. The Earl measures about 12¼” by 14½”.

Prices range from $499 to $739.  Laurelhurst Fan Co., (971) 570-3131

All Chrome Venice Fan

All Chrome Venice

All Chrome Venice

We received a lovely note and photo from a Fan-of-our-fans the other day.
So glad you are enjoying your Venice, Chris!

“Here’s a photo of the fan installed!!!! The outside is still in process but I LOVE it and it works!!!! Moisture be gone! Thank you all SOOOOOOO much!!
-Chris” ~Portland, OR

Old House Fair Success

boothA big “Thank You” to all of you who attended The Architectural Heritage Center’s 3rd Annual Old House Fair!  Great vendors, great seminars, and GREAT attendees; it was a pleasure meeting all of you!
We really enjoyed hearing all of your fantastic vintage fan stories!  Please do send us photos  – we’ll be sure to post them for all to enjoy.
It was a wonderful day to support our local heritage center, businesses, and talk about “Old Stuff”!  We look forward to following up with you about your exhaust fan needs.

grand opening sign

Inside Old Portland Hardware is Portland’s newest vintage plumbing store, Portland Vintage Plumbing; Thursday night we attended a gathering to celebrate its Grand Opening.  Owner, Brenda Wasco, has just the right fixtures, faucets, and accessories for your vintage bathrooms and kitchens…including a very nice line of vintage-styled exhaust fans.:)
fans in oph

And Old Portland Hardware’s owner, Bret Hodgert, has just the right architectural salvaged treasures for your home.  He has done an impeccable job of creating an inviting, non-overwhelming, high-class, boutique experience with prices that will shock you…in a good way.
looking in

Between the two stores, there is a wealth of knowledge and genuine smiles to share…with products you’re sure to fall in love with.
Including “Terrance” the resident Hyena:
Terrace 2

It’s hard to leave. Really.