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Hello Out There…

HeresJohnny smallerWell, we finally had Bob Paltrow, our web designer genius and friend behind all that you see, link up this blog so that we could say “hello” and be in better communication with you about things like:  A great new plumbing store, an Old House Fair, a client that orders a particularly fantastic color combinaiton, or when we want to let you know about new products.
It seems as though a lot of you have the same ventilation predicaments and are searching for an answer – this blog will address many of those questions. Some of you want a full fan, some of you want a grille for an existing fan, some of you want a custom faceplate to hide unfinished drywall or electrical wiring, some of you aren’t sure what you are looking for but you are searching for a solution;  it’s  a pleasure talking with all of you.
We started this company because we couldn’t find what we were looking for and we weren’t going to settle.  If we can help you creatively find a solution to your ventilation needs, we’d be delighted!
Many Kind Regards,
Johnny and Nicole

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