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We have received an overwhelming amount of requests for a ceiling mounted exhaust fan, in addition to the through-wall fans we currently offer.
Connie, a fellow reader, made a comment that sounds very familiar: “I would love to see you have a bathroom fan for the ceiling. They are plenty ugly out there !! Thanks, Connie.”

…And so, we are thrilled to make this post and let you know that our ceiling mounted exhaust fans are set to be ready for you this fall!

If you are indeed looking to purchase a Laurelhurst Ceiling Model Exhaust Fan…and we do not have your information already…please visit our Website Home Page where you will find the “Reservation List” information, under “Fan News” in the left column.

If you have any questions – please always feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a phone call at 971-570-3131.

We look forward to creating the beautiful fans that will grace your ceilings.
Johnny and Nicole

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